The winner of the first Tuesday Tip is "Uploading a Logo"

After a tough battle with all the other little features, the logos have won the first fight. Here are your step by step instructions on how to upload a logo so you have your own identity while working in Stitch. Your logo will also appear on documents when you send communication to your customers in the form of line sheets, invoices, and packing slips.

First, click on the admin icon at the top of your account and you'll see a drop down menu appear.


Second, click on the company information option which will take you to the area that allows you to edit your company address and also upload your logo.

Click on the edit link to edit your specific information. You'll see that you can upload a fileup to2GB in size and it can be either a JPG or a PNG format.

Select the Choose File button. This will allow you to search your computer for the logo you want to upload. Once you find the file, select it just like you're adding an attachment to an email. For this example, I'm going to use a logo you may recognize from the Campbell Soup Company. I used to work there and I love soup. After you select the file, click the save changes button and you'll magically see the new file has been uploaded to your system.

Now, wherever you're working in Stitch, your logo is a part of the program. Also, it will be placed on all your customer documents Stitch generates.

Finally, we've gotten feedback from our customers that they may want their logo in a different location on their invoices and packing slips. Because we understand an invoice is a representation of you and your business, you can now customize the location of your logo. Click on the admin icon at the top of your account and select the Orders, Invoices, & Packing Slips option.


Scroll down to the Stylize Invoices and Packing Slips area and select where you want your logo placed and click save. It's that simple. You'll notice there's an additional link to upload your logo here if you haven't done so yet.

That does it. Now you have your logo in the system and you know how to make changes if you need to. Thank you to all our customers that continue to provide great feedback. We greatly appreciate your input. Together, we will continue to make Stitch even better. We have some great updates in the pipeline and can't wait to share them. Stay tuned!

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