The State of SMB Commerce: Q3 Retail Trends Report

This week, we released our first installment of our quarterly report - "The State of SMB Commerce". This report highlights retail trends from the previous quarter and includes insights on consumer behavior regarding most popular shopping days, customer spend by state, and how free shipping is distributed among order volume. 

Here are a few key takeaways: 

  • Highest spending day: Q3’s sales peaked on Wednesday, September 9, two days after Labor Day.
  • More grilling, less shopping: Shoppers took a break from shopping to enjoy Independence Day. Saturday, July 4, ranked as the lowest shopping day of the quarter.
  • Free shipping split: The average retailer had 49% of sales and 56% of order volume from orders with free shipping.
  • Oklahomans win for biggest spenders: Compared to the average U.S. resident, Oklahoma residents spent the most and Mississippi residents spent the least.
  • Top spenders by industry/state: Rhode Island spent the most in the adult products category and Washington D.C. spent the most on home and furniture.


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