The Benefits of Your Systems Talking To Each Other


Managing a multichannel selling strategy can be quite difficult if you do not have the correct systems in place. From product development and internal communications to external marketing and customer service, every aspect of your business is directly affected by the way you choose to organize them.

Fortunately, there are several online software tools for small businesses that help you integrate all of your operational tasks together. Although it may feel like a lot to take on, the long-term effects of integrating your online software tools are incredibly valuable.


Why You Should Implement an Integrated System

Peace of Mind
Implementing a cohesive system among your different software tools creates a little ecosystem of technology. That ecosystem gives you the peace of mind that people are managing your data intelligently. Wake up knowing that the majority of your time will be spent growing your company and not managing the painstaking tasks an integrated system can handle.

Increase Sales
As a business owner, you must value your time just as much as your money. Optimizing your back office will bring in the dollars you need to grow your business, because you are spending your valuable hours on more important matters. Also, integrated software tools make for a more friendly customer experience, which will lead to a higher level of loyalty.

Improved Communication
The less time spent finding, organizing and managing various operational tasks, the more cohesive your communications strategy will be. Your team will all be gathering their information from the same locations and less confusion will be stirred. Keep your team on track and have one central system they can follow.

Supportive Network
Because there are so many small businesses that integrate their platforms online, you’ve automatically joined a community that understands your needs. Several SaaS applications are known to have great support and teams of people who are dedicated to helping you succeed. The demand for simpler tools is in your hands. Take advantage of it.

Finding the right platform for your integrated systems can be challenging. If you are an multichannel seller, looking for a commerce platform that will scale with your growing business, check out Stitch Labs. Already using Stitch? Let us know what your favorite integrations are and how you use them! We'd love to hear what works for your business.


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