The 4 Essentials Every Multichannel Retailer Needs to Succeed


It’s officially 2015 - what do you have cooked up for a successful year?

Could it be exceptional customer experience? Word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals are a great way increase sales. How about a new market opportunity? An untapped audience could be the ticket to heightening brand awareness. Or maybe you've reserved 2015 for finally streamlining your internal operations and inventory. Every successful business needs a strong backbone to keep them healthy!

Whatever the goal this year, you've realized by now - you can't do it alone. Thankfully, there are some helpful online tools ready for the taking. Let’s not waste anymore time, shall we?

Inventory Management Solution

What is inventory management?
Inventory management means a lot of different things, depending on who you ask. In its basic form - it’s the process of overseeing inventory flow. This can include components used in the production of other items, finished goods, raw materials, and more. Because companies work in so many ways, inventory management needs vary across the board.

Why is inventory management important?
When you’re neck deep in inventory and slowly wilting away in spreadsheet hell, remember these famous words:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Einstein didn’t run a retail business as far as I know. But the pains of manual inventory management often do cause a bit of insane behavior. But fret not, my friend. We're here to help.

Solutions like Stitch Labs can’t make you love inventory, but it can take away the pain. And once you’re up and running, you’ll start feel a little more sane. Stitch integrates with top sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, Square, and Shopify, allowing you to unify all your orders, inventory and sales data. It’s a great way to test new market opportunities and gather a holistic view of your business, all while providing you with automated syncing and invaluable peace of mind.


Customer Service Software

What is customer service software?
Customer service software is an online solution that provides you with a simple way to track customer interactions. Your entire team can log in, assign customer requests, and track the status of those requests. Several solutions provide unique features like a mobile application and the ability to integrate with other online software you use now.

Why is customer service software important?
Repeat business and customer referrals are key in increasing sales and expanding your brand. However, this isn’t something you can do with wonky systems and hacked-together communications. Gone are the days of searching your personal inbox for customer requests. With tools such as Zendesk, Desk and HelpDesk, there are better ways of engaging with customers.

In addition to improving customer relationships, implementing a customer service software will save you time, providing you a larger opportunity to scale your business. Don't let 2015 be the year you stayed buried under a heavy inbox. Optimize your customer interactions and get back to business.


Customer Analytics Tool

What is a customer analytics tool?
It may not always be a stand alone product or even called "customer analytics tool," but it's typically an automated online platform that syncs with your website or sales channels. It will give you insight into customer behavior, purchases, source and more.

Why is customer data important?
To improve all areas of your business, you must dig deeper into customer behavior - things they may not know to ask or share. Customer service software is great for engaging one-on-one, but it doesn’t give you the full picture of how your customers really behave.

With solutions such as Google Analytics and Stitch Labs, you’re quickly able to analyze your best selling products, website activity, and from what channels people are visiting your website. Use this collective data to make smarter purchasing decisions, marketing campaigns and branded content. Test what resonates with your customers and leverage that to grow your business.


Email Marketing Software

What is email marketing software?
Email marketing software is rather self explanatory. It will allow you to automate marketing emails and other messages to your customers. You can segment emails based on what people buy, where they are located, how often they visit your website, and more. It’s a great way to keep your standard communications consistent and allows you to get creative with marketing.

Why is email marketing important?
Relevant content is what will drive traffic and conversions. People don’t want you to bombard their inbox, but they do respond to content that fits their needs and wants. Leverage email marketing platforms like MailChimp or Emma to send targeted emails to encourage customers to buy or share your product. Promote discounts or new products lines. Whatever you want to share, just make sure you don’t abuse this outlet. Email marketing is effective, but people can be quick to label you as spam. And let’s face it, no one likes to be canned.


There you have it, folks. Get these things nailed down in the early part of 2015 and you'll be marking 2015 as your best year yet. If you have other areas that you want to work on, let us know! Reach out to us at @StitchLabs on Twitter or comment below. 


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