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This morning we launched the all new, amazingly beautiful We are so proud of all the work that was put into it, and are thrilled to show it off to you! High fives and fist pumps all around!

Here at Stitch, we work hard everyday to develop the most intuitive, perfectly designed business solutions on the market. Our team is growing, our customer base is growing, and we're charging full speed ahead. Having a beautiful app is so great, and having a beautifully designed website is the icing on the cake.

The whole redesign project was a huge team effort. Camille and Willo worked on designing the vision, writing the copy, and coordinating the photoshoot of our real live customers: Kate Ellen of Crown Nine, Brad Carrick of SOLZ Shoes, and Phoenix Zoellick of BeastWares. We partnered with our local favorite photog, Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People. Michelle, our wildly talented designer, put her keen eye and aesthetic skills into high gear. Meanwhile, she worked tirelessly with all the edits and notes we provided. Brandon, our Thinker Upper, coded the whole thing from the ground up! The entire team was part of the process. It was awesome to see the whole thing take shape.

Our biggest pride and joy at Stitch comes from helping businesses owners. We are very passionate about our customers, so we couldn't think of a better feature for this redesign. We highlight a few of our superstar customers on the landing page. If you refresh your browser, you will be able to see all of the variations.

We also redesigned our tour pages! They are now super snazzy. We've got great new visual elements and fun summaries of all of the app features. If you look close, you can spot some new integrations and partnerships that we're currently beta testing. Check it out!

Leave us a comment with some feedback! We'd love to hear what you think.

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