Stitch Trumps Spreadsheets, Saves Toy Company an Hour per Order


Inventory spreadsheets are known to send shivers down the spines of retailers. Managing multiple documents among a group of people across multiple channels is like asking for operations to be harder. 

One Stitch customer, Jenny Armstrong, head of operations at Tiggly, broke free from the obstacle and shared her story with us. Here is a great example of how migrating your inventory management to an online solution can keep you sane and your business healthy. 

About Tiggly: 

Founded in 2012 by two Harvard Business School graduates and a PhD in early childhood education from Columbia University, Tiggly started out a winner. It first was named the winner at Harvard’s FIELD 3 IPO Day and has continued to win numerous awards for its innovative child development products.

On their website you can read about how “toddlers and preschoolers love the iPad as much as Mom and Dad, but 70 years of academic research tells us that manipulating physical objects is essential to early childhood development.” 

Tiggly’s products combine physical and digital play to enhance a child’s physical development, motor skills, creativity, language development, hand-eye coordination, and more. Pretty cool, right? 

How Tiggly managed their multichannel inventory: 

Tiggly’s inventory management process involved several Excel spreadsheets, internal and external e-mails, and disparate invoices in Xero that were coming in through several payment processors. All of these systems were causing a breakdown in logistics and overall communication. The team was growing and selling through additional sites such as Shopify and Amazon and needed a unified system that kept all of its multichannel data, invoice and payment information in one location. 


Putting an end to the spreadsheed nightmare: 

Soon after deciding they must find a better solution, the Tiggly team implemented Stitch Labs’ online inventory management solution. Stitch integrated their sales channels along with Xero to help Tiggly simplify their multichannel strategy and multi-functional team. 

“What’s changed? Everything! We can see all of our orders in one place, track payments, and send info to our warehouse in less than five minutes,”  said Jenny Armstrong, head of operations at Tiggly. 

The freedom to grow their business continued: 

Armstrong told us that her team saves an hour per order and credits the simplification Stitch provides to Tiggly’s organizational success. Because everything from orders to inventory to payments is now unified, communication across teams has drastically improved.

Tiggly also recently raised a round of Series A funding. Quite the testiment to their success! 

“I just can’t begin to describe how nice it is to have it all in one place. Stitch is a huge time saver and highly organized,” said Armstrong. “The biggest change is how streamlined everything is. But, the thing that saves the most time is our communication with our warehouse.”

Armstrong noted that Stitch has enabled her to focus more on increasing sales and marketing conversions, and less on “cursing at various systems and face-palming over mundane repetitive processes.”

We feel ya, Jenny. And we’re so happy you shared your story with us. 

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