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Our Stitch Spotlight series is a way to feature our amazingly talented, inspiring, and hard-working customers. We like to discover the history of their business and their creative journey.


Today, we're putting the spotlight on one of local customers, ZIA SF, based right here in San Francisco. We had a great time meeting Esmeralda and Javier at our officewarming StitchUp back in May.

ZIA SF is a line of wearable artwork inspired from the art of Meso-America, low rider culture, shamanism, and Victorian era nature illustration. ZIA SF allows art to be a treasured piece of everyday life.

Stitch Spotlight:


Can you tell us a little about yourself and what inspired your line?
I am Esmeralda Padilla and my partner is Javier Martinez. We are both visual artists and work in a variety of media. We want our work to be accessible, so ZIA SF was formed with the intention of incorporating our art into practical and affordable pieces for everyday life.

Prior to using Stitch, what types of tools/software were you using to manage your business?
We were using an Excel spread sheet to track sales and expenses. Our inventory stock and garment order info was tracked in notebooks and various word documents. I would write down sales by hand in a notebook and copy it over to the spreadsheet later. I dreaded it, which led to some procrastination and a stuffed shoebox of unmarked receipts.

What have been the biggest benefits of using Stitch?
I like that with Stitch I can know what is in stock right away. I love that orders are quick to place, inventory gets deducted automatically, our invoices look clean and professional. I like that I always know what the financial bottom line is, what products are selling the most, and who our top clients are.

How have you been able to use the information/data Stitch provides you to help you be a more effective business?
I can watch the patterns in sales and expenses, and with this information we are able to create an accurate and informed sales forecast. I can track the speed at which our business is growing, which helps me to analyze what is working and what our next steps are.

What have you been able to get rid of or do away with because of Stitch?
With Stitch, I no longer procrastinate with my data entry. Since placing orders, revising inventory, entering new expenses is quick and simple it doesn’t get to the point where I feel overwhelmed. I don’t have to make all my line sheets on photo shop anymore since Stitch can automatically generate them.

What can you do now that you weren't able to do before, now that Stitch is a part of your life/business?
I can clearly see the growth of our business through the detailed reports. I like that a glance I can see the status of each order with a clear red, yellow or green mark, because it helps me make my daily business action plan.

What sets ZIA SF apart?
Our graphics are printed by hand in our local SF studio with water-based inks, which provide a soft worn-in finish. All garments are carefully selected to be stylish, flattering and soft. We work almost exclusively with American made clothing of natural fibers, because we want to support our domestic economy and we are big fans of the suave breathable feeling of pure cotton.

What do you love about what you do?
I love: Drawing and dreaming up new designs. Mixing the colors of ink and watching the pigments swirl together to create something new. Getting lost within an ocean of imagination and potential. Ah-ha moments. The zone where time slips away. Pushing forward until whimsical visions are realized. Devoting my attention to the intricate understated beauty of nature.

What's next for ZIA SF?
We’re working on some new designs for a limited edition series of shirts and a few one of a kind custom pieces made from reconstructed apparel.

A few things that take me to my happy place are:
Inventive cocktails and making people laugh till they snort.

Anything else fun you want to share?
We lived in a house on Maui that had 5 colonies of bees living in the walls, and on a warm day you could smell honey.


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Stay tuned for more Stitch Spotlights over the next few weeks, and let us know what you think!

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