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Kelly - Modern JuneOur Stitch Spotlight series is a way for us to feature our amazing customers and the products they make. We like to put the spotlight on the creative, power house business owners that use Stitch to grow their business and organize their lives! We love learning how people use Stitch, and sharing with our community. Our Stitch Spotlight series also helps show new customers the different ways our current customers are using Stitch.

This month, we're putting the spotlight on Kelly McCants of Modern June, specializing in handmade housewares for the hip home. Modern June sells retro-inspired aprons and other goodies for the cool "housewife" - including aprons, tablecloths, placemats, bags, floormats, and more! All goods are handmade from original Modern June designs. Modern June is a medium sized business with employees and is based in Virginia. They sell a standard product line, along with custom orders. Modern June is available through wholesale, Etsy, and soon through!

modern june

Tell us a little about your business.

I run two shops on Etsy: Modern June & Oilcloth Addict. Modern June sells pretty and practical housewares and Oilcloth Addict offers a lovely selection of oilcloth, laminated cotton and chalk cloth. My team and I sell our wares at the Country Living Magazine Fair in Ohio, Georgia and Texas and at several Indie Craft Shows. I’m very excited that Stitch Labs will help us stay organized while we’re on the road.

Thanks to Stitch Labs, I have found Big Commerce! is finally under construction and we’ll be adding a kitschy kitchen department in addition to our current wares. It’s long been a dream of mine to be able to sell related items alongside our handmade goodies. This dream is now becoming a reality thanks to the ease and convenience Stitch Labs has provided!

How did you find Stitch?

I found Stitch through a friend and fellow Richmond Craft Mafia Member, Meghan Barbato. Meghan has spent years helping her husband run his company and now she’s sharing her wealth of information and professional marketing experience by becoming a business consultant for her crafty friends.

When I first heard that Meghan was going out on her own and could help me with the business end of things, I told her that my company's number one problem was inventory. She suggested Stitch, and I joined up that night.

My best selling product is custom tablecloths so getting started in Stitch Labs was difficult for me because I needed to make time to manually set up inventory. In the end, I found it necessary to close up the shops for a few days so I could get everything in order. After that it’s been smooth sailing!

What have been the biggest benefits of using Stitch?

apron modern juneThe biggest benefit to using Stitch Labs is knowing what we have in stock! We have one central inventory of fabric that supplies the two shops and, while it’s not ideal, it’s the best we can do with limited capital. Before I made the decision to switch to Stitch Labs, our inventory was a complete wreck! Despite our best efforts we were always running out of fabric; we never really knew what we had in stock. Now we’re never surprised, we know how much yardage we have in stock at all times.

For me the bonus has been the ability to see exactly what is selling. My assistant and I just love all the charts and grafts, it make us feel very professional. When Kathie first learned that she could collect data and create reports for me she got very excited! What person doesn’t like a pie chart?!!

Besides Stitch, what other systems (apps/websites/etc) do you use?

Stitch Labs has turned us on to Ship Station!! We’ve lost track of the amount of money that service has saved us thus far, but I know for a fact that it paid for it’s self within the first week. Being able to compare prices is amazing!!

Any advice or tips you’d like to share for other product-based business owners?

Working for yourself at home can be a lot like working in a vacuum, so finding like minded people that work in a similar field has been essential for me. If it weren’t for my crafty, entrepreneurial friends I wouldn’t have found out about Stitch Labs. I am thankful for Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with these people while we all work away in our studios.

It’s really great to have all my inventory and sales it one spot. Stitch Labs is a life saver!!

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You can follow Modern June on Twitter, Facebook, and on their blog. Leave us comment if you have any questions, or just to say hi!

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