Stitch Snafu Clarification

Hard working, t-shirt loving, code slinging engineer, Robert here. As you may or may not have noticed, there were some service interruptions yesterday starting around 10:58am PDT. These hiccups were due to some faulty code deployment scripts. For those of you that don't speak computer geek, that means we had a minor bug in our program. Unfortunately the errors manifested themselves in a rather round about way, making them somewhat difficult to track.

However, rest assured, our crack team of server chimps was on the job. After a few bananas, we were back in business!
We've since fixed the bug in the deploy process and added a few more sanity checks to ensure this doesn't happen again.
It's our job to stay on top of Stitch so you can feel 100% confident about the system helping you run your business. We want to help you save time and sell more.
Again, if you experienced any service interruptions yesterday, we sincerely apologize. While perfection is difficult, it's our goal. Would you want it any other way?
Thanks for being a part of the Stitch nation. We appreciate it!
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