Stitch & PayPal: An Invoice's Dream

Whose to say that invoices don't have dreams and aspirations? I like to think mine do. The bigger the better, right? The brand new integration that Stitch rolled out with PayPal is huge and will make a big difference in how you run the oh-so-glamorous book keeping end of your business. With so many recent new and fun tools to help things run smoothly at Zelma Rose, my favorite thing about Stitch remains the same, the ability to customize. I love being able to tell my management system exactly what I want. To have it listen, even better. I'm lucky if in a given day I get a cup of coffee the way I want it, so having my inventory management system listen is kind of a big deal.



Of course as soon as the new integration rolled out I was fast to get on board. Signing up was a snap. I just logged into my account, clicked on integration, clicked on shipping, docs, and PayPal integration, quickly entered my PayPal connected email address and I was ready to go! A side note, make sure that your full name on both your Stitch account and PayPal account are identical. If not, you can change them to match in either program account area.

You may ask yourself what is so different about invoicing with PayPal integration? Stitch already has a stellar way to manage sales, send invoices, and keep track of payments. The difference here is simple. PayPal integration makes is even easier for you and your customers. By including a PayPal payment option on your invoice, you are making it exceptionally easy for customers to work with you. Especially wholesale customers and stockists. If there is one thing that stockists love, especially during this time of year - it is an easy, clear, and fast order. Allowing your customers to pay with PayPal gives them not only a quick and seamless way to tend to your invoice (it's like 3 clicks by the way), it gives them the option to pay a variety of ways and gives you the security of knowing that PayPal stands behind their payment option. It's a win-win.

Add to that the ease and convienice on your end! With a PayPal payment option on your invoice, all your payment information and status updates pertaining to your invoice are autonatically updated in Stitch. I don't think I have to say how huge a roll out like this is with the holiday shopping season approaching. I feel like I can take a deep breath knowing that the magic elves at Stitch are working away at keeping my number crunching running smoothly and pain free. With a busy season approaching, leave the invoice magic to Stitch and go ahead and integrate. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

- Lisa

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