Stitch Now Integrates with Magento

We’re excited to announce that Stitch now integrates with the popular ecommerce solution Magento, an eBay Enterprise company. If you’re a Stitch user, this is a great opportunity for you to easily add Magento to your Stitch account and sync your inventory across multiple channels in minutes.

If you’re currently a Magento user, now when you sell a product, you can immediately log in to Stitch to view drill-down reports regarding sales, item quantity and channel performance. With Stitch and Magento together, you can can now make quicker and more efficient business decisions when it comes to selling, stocking and shipping your products.

How It Works:

1. Sell through Magento and other sales channels
2. Sync stock quantities between all channels
3. Track inventory, orders and data in one location

Check out the short video below! 


How It Helps:

Building out multiple sales channels is made much easier by leveraging Stitch’s powerful centralized platform. WIth our seamless integrations, you’ll be able to analyze your performance easily and make decisions more swiftly. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to see which channels and products are performing best and who of your customers are purchasing the most. 

The integration between Magento and Stitch is available immediately, so be sure to login to your Stitch account today and start syncing your Magento inventory. If you’re new to Stitch, we offer a 14-day trial, allowing you to take it for a spin for free.


Learn more about Stitch and Magento today!

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