Stitch Now Integrates with Google Drive

googledriveWe're taking your data to a whole 'nother level! Stitch now integrates with Google Drive (formerly Google Docs).

Can I get an "aww yeah!" for the cloud?!

With Stitch, you can generate beautiful reports from your sales data. Stitch has over 20 different reports available, giving you a deep insight into how your business is doing. Stitch also helps you manage your business contacts: vendors, customers, distributors, and more. With our exporting capabilities, you can maximize your marketing efforts by creating email lists, utilizing direct marketing, targeting by region, etc.

google drive anywhere

Now, you can work with your data any way you want! You can export contacts and reports right to Google Drive, allowing you to share your documents with others and collaborate in real time. We want you to control your data, be able to manipulate it to suit your needs, and access it anywhere.

Check out this video to learn how to set up the integration in your Stitch account and export your data:

Don't forget to leave a review in the Google App Store to let people know how Stitch is working out for you. We'd greatly appreciate your feedback.

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