Import Products from Shopify into Stitch's Inventory Solution


This frequently requested feature enhancement has been in the works for quite some time and we are so excited to share it with you. As we continue to refine our integration processes, feedback from our customers is imperative to our development and we heard your voices! We developed a short video to show you more details. We've also updated our integration FAQ's for additional information.

We also created another video showing you how to set up Stitch Integration through your Shopify account and the Shopify App Store.

Important note: If you have been using Stitch with Shopify for some time
We’ll need to do a manual adjustment to allow future products to flow into the system. Simply contact us, and we’ll make the change in your account to utilize this new feature.

Below are some of the benefits on our new Shopify integration:


  • You only need to create your products/product families once, in Shopify, and they will automatically flow into Stitch.
  • Your Inventory Sync Settings will default to "Match Stitch and Shopify inventory information." However, Inventory Sync Settings can be adjusted manually per product, under Integration > Imported Products in Stitch (see images below).

Not selling on Shopify yet?
Now's the time! Shopify has one of the easiest, well-designed and robust shopping cart platforms out there. I've been a long time customer and fan myself, and they're who I recommend to everyone.

Click here to sign up for a free trial on Shopify and see how easy it is to get started on Shopify, and then integrate your products into Stitch!

As we continue to make enhancements to Stitch, there will undoubtedly be questions. We welcome your feedback and look forward to helping you be more efficient and meet your goals. Stitch On!


Start importing products from Shopify today.
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