Stitch Labs Weekly RoundUp - New Team Members & Multi-link Editing

Wowwwwwww! Life in the Lab has been awesome this week. There have been so many crazy cool developments that we want to fill you in on!

Edit multiple inventory permissions in bulk. | Stitch Labs Blog

You can now edit multiple links!
We have updated a feature in Stitch that allows you to now edit multiple links all at one time. This will help you more efficiently manage your inventory and save time! Try it out & tell us how you like it.


We were delighted to hear it's already been saving Jennifer some time:

Twitter @Balance_Books @StitchLabs

We hired a front-end developer!
Char KupersteinWe are so excited to welcome our newest team member, Char Kuperstein to the Lab! Char, aka @charalicious, will be leading our frond end development efforts. We'll fill you in with all the 'deets soon, but couldn't contain our excitement and had to share the news!

Our summer marketing intern started!
Willo & Camille | Stitch LabsStitch Labs is growing fast, so we're bringing on some awesome talent to support us throughout the summer. Introducing Camille Brenkwitz! Camille has worked with me since last summer when she was my marketing intern while I launched my WilloToons Connect video series, and she proved within no time, she is a total rockstar! I am beyond thrilled she's on board to assist us with our Stitch marketing & community efforts this summer, and if we're lucky she'll even be gracing our office with some of her notorious dance moves. When she's not kicking butt here in the Lab, Camille is always down for some delicious food, passionate people, and a helluva good conversation. Camille also loves to ramble on Twitter, post way too many photos to Instagram, and, like any other 20-something, spend an ungodly amount of time on Facebook and Pinterest. Welcome, Camille!

We got a new espresso machine!
espressolessonWell this is big news! Our fancy-dancy espresso machine arrived, and now Camille & Brandon can stay wired all day long. Brandon (our ThinkerUpper CEO/Developer) got some great tips from Juan at Cuban Council on how to master the art of espresso, and conducted a nice in-office tutorial for the rest of us. Talk about multi-talented.

That's all for now, but stay tuned, because we have some suuuper exciting news to share with you with next week! Have a great weekend, friends.

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