Stitch Labs Travels to Brooklyn to Meet with Etsy

The past couple weeks have been pretty busy around the lab since we completed our integration with Etsy. Hundreds of new creative independent businesses are giving Stitch a try to find out how we make selling easier.

This week we had a great opportunity to head to Brooklyn to visit the Etsy offices and find out a little more about what goes on over there in New York. Yes. It's true. There really is a physical place that is Etsy. It's right down the street from the Brooklyn Bridge (a beautiful sight).



Visiting Etsy was an awesome experience. There were handmade items throughout the office made by creative people from all over the world. Some decor was larger than life, like the handmade owl you find right when you enter the office.



Not only that, but the culture there is amazing too. Several times a week, the office gets together for lunch. They call it Eatsy. How funny is that? We were able to participate on Monday and loved the Indian cuisine they served. 


The people at Etsy truly practice what they preach. There are dozens of engineers working together tirelessly to make sure creative independent businesses are successful and able to sell their wares at all times.


Also, on Monday nights, Etsy Labs hosts "craft night" for the local community. People are able to come into the Etsy offices to learn and create. Etsy provides all the supplies and brings in instructors to provide guidance. 


Overall, we had a blast meeting the faces behind Etsy. They are passionate about helping creative businesses succeed and are growing daily. That's one of the main reasons we integrated with them first. At Stitch Labs, we are also working everyday to make sure people are more efficient so they can spend more time creating and less time on the not-so-fun stuff. Leave that to us. We know it may be odd, but we love it!

So here's a big thank you to Etsy for having us this week. We appreciate the invitation and look forward to helping many of their sellers continue to do what they love. Stitch on!

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