International T-Shirt Day 2012

We're celebrating International T-Shirt Day here at Stitch! We love supporting silkscreeners, designers, and t-shirt makers to make their business better.

Today the team all wore their favorite t-shirts, what do you think?! Pretty stylish, huh?

Stitch Labs | T-Shirt Day 2012

Two of our co-founders, Willo & Brandon, both had t-shirt businesses for a while. Because of the trial and tribulations involved in running a t-shirt business, Brandon got the idea for a better business solution and Stitch Labs was born!

Stitch Labs | T-Shirt Day 2012

Check out more fun photos in our Facebook album: Tees? Yes, Please!

Do you love T-Shirts?
We'd love to see your favorite tshirt! Give us a tweet or a shout on Facebook. And if you know someone who makes and sells t-shirts, be sure to tell them about Stitch!

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