Stitch Introduces FREE Pricing

**UPDATE** 1/14/13
We have updated our pricing. Stitch no longer offers a free plan, though we do have many affordable plans to support every kind of business. New users can get Stitchin' with a free trail. And yes, we are always making the app better and better.

Stitch is now FREE

Our biggest goal is to support business owners. We thought a pretty great way to do that would be to offer Stitch for FREE! Yes, we’re serious. Over 80% of our customers now get to use Stitch for free. Zero, zip, ziltch dollars. None. Not a one.

We want to motivate growth, revolutionize order and inventory management, and build the best product around. With Stitch, product-based businesses are able to manage unlimited online and offline orders and inventory in one place. We want to excite our customers, invite new users, and get millions of businesses using Stitch.

We’ve built a beautiful product that is smart, efficient, and provides a much needed solution. We’ve put an emphasis on design, customer support, and perfection. We are ready to open the floodgates and help people take their business to the next level.

We love our customers and can’t thank them enough for all of the support and feedback they give us. This product is a labor of love for us, and we are so thrilled that it supports business owners and helps them reach their goals.

Now you have every reason to use Stitch, tell every single person you know about us, and rock the heck out of your business. Stitch on!

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Details. Details. Details.

Visit our new pricing page to see the changes.

Current Customers:
Anyone who was a Stitch customer prior to this change will either continue paying their current price, or their account will now be totally FREE. If you fall into the free bucket, we went ahead and made the change for you. We figured you wouldn’t mind too much. :)

UPDATE 8/13: Anyone that had an account that went into suspension after their free trial under our own pricing model will have their account reactivated. This will cause Stitch to regain control of your integrated sales channel if you had your Stitch account managing inventory prior to the end of your trial. Please be aware of this change should your inventory actions be overridden within your online selling channel after manual editing.

For additional answers about these exciting changes, please check out the below links to our support center.

How does the 14-day unlimited trial work?
What is an integrated sales channel?
What if I have multiple stores with one of your integrated partners?

We can imagine that you're pretty excited about these changes - dare we say almost as excited as we are?! We want you to spread the word and share this exciting news. Stitch is an awesome resource for your community, and it's now FREE! Please blog, tweet, and share our awesome news!

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This news has been featured in VentureBeat:

"Small business owners can now use Stitch Labs for free"


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