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Today we are extremely excited to announce our latest integrated partner, Spark Pay, by Capital One! Some of our current customers may remember this as SAIL. Capital One has taken over this technology and we're glad to have them as a partner.

What does this mean? It means that Stitch users will have the ability again to accept payments offline (e.g. trunk shows, trade shows, and craft fairs), easily select the products they sold on the spot, and have that sale, along with customer information, immediately added to their Stitch account without any further action needed on their part. The transaction will also automatically communicate with their online selling platform if they are using one our integrated partners (e.g. Etsy, Amazon, Shopify and/or BigCommerce, etc.). There will be no more guesswork about what was sold, where it was sold, or whom it was sold to. The entire process can be automated.

Why SPARK Pay?

This is simple. The group working on Spark Pay is a small group of entrepreneurs working within Capital One to create an application that will help small businesses succeed. Like us, they see the value in opening their network and working closely with other applications. They too want to make the Internet a place where small businesses can have access to powerful and affordable tools. They are iterating at an unbelievably rapid pace and have worked hand in hand with us to bring you this solution.

Benefits and Details

Since we began creating Stitch, we knew that in order for us to even begin to reach our potential as a company, we needed to provide a mechanism for our customers to automate the selling process for all the ways they sell. With the addition of Spark Pay, we're taking another major step toward that goal. Our customers have the opportunity to use Stitch to sell in one or any combination of the following:

  • Wholesale – Through their online wholesale shopping carts, or their offline phone and fax process, Stitch’s order and invoice management allows for wholesale businesses to prosper.
  • Retail – Whether they sell online with one of our integrated partners or not, Stitch affords the ability to track sales and segment them by channel. Now with the addition of Spark Pay, online and offline retail can be automated and “Stitch”ed together.
  • Consignment – Using Stitch’s order and inventory management capability, consignment sellers have a better handle on where they stand with their merchandise.

There are so many BENEFITS to share; it’s difficult to pack them in to one blog post. Here are a few major benefits that have risen to the top as we have tested this integration with select Stitchers:

  • Contact management - All customer information for every sale can now be automatically added to one central location. No more manual entry of people that write their name on a piece of paper at a show.
  • Inventory management - If you are selling offline (e.g. trade or trunk show), you no longer have to worry about going onto your online store and adjusting inventory during or after a show. Stitch can handle it for you.
  • Analytics - Stitch users can gain a better understanding of how they’re performing through each sales channel, so they can focus their resources more effectively.


Because we deal with many different selling platforms, there are several challenges with regard to how products move from one application to another. No two applications manage their products in the exact same way. For example, Spark Pay is the first application we integrate with that we can push products into from Stitch. One of the main reasons we can do this is because Spark Pay, unlike our other integrated partners (e.g. Etsy, Shopify and BigCommerce) isn’t meant to be a customer facing application. People aren’t shopping from it. Only the sellers will be interacting with the Spark Pay application, therefore, there isn’t much additional information, other than the product information itself, that needs to be added to Spark Pay. Because the Spark Pay integration is different, it is imperative that those people planning to use Spark Pay in conjunction with Stitch visit our support center and read through our FAQs about this integration. Users are going to love the fact that they can integrate their Spark Pay account with Stitch and be up and running in literally seconds.

Stitch on!

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