Simplify your Accounting with Stitch & QuickBooks Online


Accounting bumming you out? Dragging you down? We hear you: which is why we’ve launched our integration with Intuit QuickBooks Online to help free you from the burdens of bookkeeping.

Remember back, probably not too long ago, to when this was how you felt about Inventory? And we helped with that, didn’t we? Now, with Stitch’s integration, we can remove a lot of the soul-crushing manual entry that you have been doing in QuickBooks Online.

With tax season looming, there is no time like the present to take advantage of the integration and clean up your books. Because all of your inventory and orders are centralized in Stitch, we will automatically send critical accounting data into QuickBooks Online. This includes sending all invoices, purchase orders, inventory assets, stock adjustments and COGS. Trust us, your accountant will thank you! Or if that person is you...there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a high five!

And while we’re giving out high fives, let’s hand one out to Inventory Management. Because who would have thought that organizing your inventory leads to a simpler, more streamlined business overall. I know it can be hard to believe that inventory management can be the nexus of so much, but it is, it really is! By understanding the flow of your inventory, Stitch can help with accounting, shipping and even planning for the future. So check out other add-on integrations or our great reporting to get the most out of Stitch.

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