Renegade Craft Fair, Team Bowling, Free Stitch and Google Docs... All in One Week!

As I sit here and reflect on the past week, all I can think is, WOW! A ton can happen in one week at a start-up like Stitch Labs. Last Sunday, we had an opportunity to visit RenegadeSF to see many of our customers live and in person. On Wednesday, the Stitch team headed out to the Mission for some good old fashioned team bowling, and by Friday, we had launched a new FREE plan and a brand new integration with Google Drive! Just another quiet week in the Lab.

Renegade Craft Fair Hits San Francisco

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is nothing better than getting out of the office and speaking to the people involved in helping make Stitch Labs what it is and will be. Last Sunday was one of those opportunities. Stitch customers from the East Coast, PacNW, Bay Area, Midwest and SoCal gathered at Ft. Mason for the semi-annual Renegade Craft Fair. Last year, as we were just starting out and building Stitch, we didn't know anyone at Renegade. We were just talking to anyone that would listen. This year, it was like we were going to see old friends. So many Stitchers were there and looking to talk about what's working, not working and how their businesses have benefited from using Stitch. It was so exciting to hear their success stories and talk about what's coming soon. We appreciate having time to speak with so many, and can't wait to do it again.

Stitch Team Bowling

I don't want to steal anyone's thunder here, so I'll just say we had a blast at the Mission Bowling Club. More to come on that, I'm sure. I will say, even though I didn't win (which royally pisses me off), it was a great time, and I did have the sweetest form. What? Doesn't everyone have their own bowling ball and shoes? They should. Bowling's back, baby!

Free Stitch is Here

**UPDATE: 1/14/13**
We updated our pricing. Stitch no longer offers a free plan, though we do have many affordable plans to support every kind of business. New users can get Stitchin' with a free trail. And yes, we are always making the app better and better.

On Thursday morning at about 3am, yes 3am, the ThinkerUpper himself (CEO, Brandon Levey), pushed the code to enable our new FREE plan. We had been contemplating this idea for quite some time and it's not a decision we took lightly. We know Stitch is a very powerful order and inventory management application, and is helping businesses everywhere sell more. We also know people are willing to pay to operate their business with Stitch. So, why would we have a free plan? We decided to have a free plan so the thousands of businesses that have signed up to use Stitch can effectively grow into hundreds of thousands and even millions in the future. We truly believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the driver of the world's ailing economy, and if they can grow their business by tryng Stitch for free, they can grow into a paying customer when they begin selling their wares through several different integrated sales channels.

Stitch Integrates with Google Drive

Our backend ninja Robert has been cranking out some serious code since he started with us. He's done everything from major server work, to our integration with ShipStation and finally to Google Drive this week. Robert has done an amazing job and has more up his t-shirt sleeves. Our integration with Google Drive allows all our customers to move completely to the cloud. Now, all the reports and csv files that used to have to be downloaded to a users' computer, can live in their Google Docs. No more software needed! All you need is an account with Google, another free service.

Things are a little different at an early stage start-up. In all my years in Corporate America, I don't believe we got this much done in one week, maybe even one month. It's not that one is better than the other, they're just different. We are still at a point where we can be extremely nimble and make changes very quickly that have significant impact on both our company and our customers. It's weeks like this that make you ask, "what day is it, no seriously, what day is it?" We have so many great things to share over the next several months. Stay tuned. It's going to be an awesome ride!

Stitch on!

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