New Feature: Publish Listings Faster Than Ever


At Stitch we are focused on finding ways to help you grow your business and Publishing Listings is the latest feature in our line up to get that done. From keeping accurate inventory numbers across your multiple channels, to saving you time fulfilling and managing orders - and now by opening new sales opportunities on Shopify and Square - we set you up to be able to scale.

With Publishing listings you can create all your products directly in Stitch and then bulk list them to your Shopify or Square with just a click of a button. We think this is pretty exciting, and will be adding to this list with additional integrated channels over the coming months.

So how does Publishing Listings help your business?

Scale with Ease: With Stitch at the center, syncing orders and inventory - new channels can be added with no change to your current order management & fulfillment process.

Save Time: Even if you are already using Shopify & Square, publishing listings directly from Stitch cuts out the additional steps of listing products on each channel.

Plan Ahead: Using Purchase Orders, customers can add new inventory and then push it live the second it is received, increasing the time to market and opportunities to sell.

Try out Publishing Listings from the Inventory tab, or read more detailed support documentation.



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