Why Every Online Merchant Should Be Using Product Reviews

The social media revolution fundamentally changed the way we consume content on the internet. The fundamental change also dramatically affected the effectiveness of many online marketing mediums and strategies, leaving many marketers wondering, "What went wrong?"

The reality is that we are living in an era of information overload and the situation is not going to improve any time soon. The two main reasons for this situation is the shift towards consuming content via social feeds and from the ease of creating content online. In order for online merchants to rise above the noise and have a real impact with consumers is by shifting their focus to the one form of marketing that has always worked, word of mouth marketing.

The best way that online merchants can take full advantage of word of mouth marketing is by using a product reviews solution which will showcase user generated content to interested potential consumers. Currently one of the best solutions on the market for leveraging user generated content to drive new traffic and sales is Yotpo Social Reviews.

Yotpo is a free plug and play social reviews solution for e-commerce sites. Yotpo helps store owners generate a ton of product reviews and provides unique features to help them share their reviews automatically with their social communities.

What e-commerce sellers really love about Yotpo is the entire process from asking a customer to write a review to saving the review and finally publishing it can be automated. This is a major benefit online store owners who have limited time to spend on managing their product reviews.

Yotpo's social features allow store owners to push their reviews directly to their business's Facebook page and Twitter accounts, which result in an influx of qualified traffic which then increase sales. Yotpo's social features essentially help you automate your word of mouth marketing which will over time become a competitive advantage for any business.

In conclusion

Because of the constant flow of advertising and other media online, the average internet consumer has developed strong filters and is relying more and more on their peers for recommendations. This shift in behavior means that online businesses need to both empower fans and leverage the content they generate to grow your brand's awareness and reach.

Using a service like Yotpo will give you the edge over your competition who is most likely still struggling to understand why their click-through-rates are so low and why so few people are talking about their brands.

Join the social reviews revolution today and visit Yotpo.com to learn more about how Yotpo can help your business reach its true potential.

This guest post was contributed by Justin Butlion, the Content and Social Marketing Manager of Yotpo. Justin loves to blog about e-commerce, online marketing, web development and entrepreneurship.



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