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Hope your year is off to a great start! Ours is off with a bang -  we recently doubled our product and engineering teams and have an ambitious product roadmap to show for it. Right out of the gates we got our new eBay publish listings functionality and stay tuned for February releases that are all about enabling you to scale your business efficiently!

Publish Listings to eBay

eBay publish listings stole the show this month - enabling you to open up new sales opportunities by automatically creating listings from the products you already have in Stitch. If you are not already selling on eBay, no time like the present to give it a try! After all, we found that customers that sell on their own eCommerce site and two marketplaces make on average 120% more than those who only sell on their own site. Follow through with your New Year’s resolution to grow your business with our eBay and Amazon publish listings. See eBay publishing in action - then take it for a spin yourself!

Learn more in our Publish Listings support article:

Create or Update Custom IDs in Bulk

If you watched the video above, you might have noticed that eBay has some required fields for listing, but now with this great CSV import, you can quickly populate new Custom ID fields across your variants in bulk. You can either populate your existing Custom ID fields or even create entirely new ones in the CSV. Upon upload, Stitch will automatically add the information to your variants including adding new Custom ID fields.

This is a handy feature separate from eBay publishing as it allows you to add more context to your variants in Stitch, including adding IDs like SKU and UPC for barcoding, search, and reporting.

Learn more with our Customer ID CSV support article:

New Feature Friday Webinars

Join our monthly New Feature Webinar this Friday at 10am PST to learn about how to use these new features - we’ll also leave plenty of time for Q&A! It’s a great opportunity to engage directly with our product team.

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