Product in Focus: December

product-in-focus-december.pngHopefully you are all busy in the throes of your best holiday season yet! We too have been toiling tirelessly this month, only most of our efforts can’t be announced until January! In the meantime, we do have a few helpful additions to help streamline your transfer order processes this month.

Create PDF’s for your Transfer Orders

These PDFs are helpful for both packing and receiving Transfer Orders.  By printing out the PDF, those on the warehouse floor can easily know what and how much to pack. It can also be emailed in advance of the shipment to act as a ship notice so that your other warehouses can prepare for the incoming inventory.

Print Barcodes on Transfer Orders (Even Fulfillment Network SKUs)

Ok, one not-so-spoiler (since I’ve mentioned it before)...we’re gearing up for a bunch of new functionality around barcoding, and part of that includes barcode printing. This has been in a public beta for a little while.

You can now print barcode labels directly from transfer orders, as well as on the individual variant and purchase orders. When it comes to transfer orders, especially when using them to make an inbound shipment to Amazon, this makes it very easy to label everything you are sending by printing your stored FNSKU for those products. For those of you confused by what FNSKU means, this is all you need to know: If/when you decide to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to streamline your logistics, we make it easy to not only control the inventory stored with FBA but also manage labeling, shipping, and tracking of those products.Barcode_Labels_for_Printing_12-15-15-1.png

Use Dymo Label Layouts

We’ve expanded our label formats to include the most popular Dymo layouts. Have another format you want to see? Just send along your suggestions and we’ll try to get them added to the list.

Join our January 8th webinar for an overview of all our top 2015 product feature updates and get a peak into what we're launching in 2016!

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