POOL Tradeshow 2012



Well! We just got back into the office after POOL Tradeshow, and are still reeling over what a phenomenal time we had there. Our entire team made it out to Las Vegas, and we had a great time spreading the word about Stitch.

Stitch + SAIL Integration

The most exciting part of exhibiting was our big announcement with SAIL - our two applications are now integrated, giving independent merchants a way to sync their online and offline sales channels. Through this integration, a merchant can sell their wares offline at a trunk show or trade show using SAIL's mobile payment processor. The hardware is free and the transaction percentage is either 2.7%, or 1.95% with a $9.95 monthly fee. (This pricing structure is cheaper than some of SAIL's more well-know competitors.) After the sale is made through the SAIL app, the information is synced in Stitch. Your inventory levels are updated to reflect that you've made a sale, and the contact information from the customer who purchased is logged in Stitch for future marketing efforts. Once SAIL has synced with Stitch, Stitch is able to sync with any other online stores associated with your account (Etsy, Shopify, and/or BigCommerce). Stitch then updates the inventory levels through those channels, as well. This process takes mere minutes. The streamlined inventory management is crucial for sellers who design, make, and sell their products. If you handmake each candle, necklace, hat, or batch of chocolate you sell, it is imperative that your inventory stay up-to-date, right?! We've made sure you're all set.

Our CEO and ThinkerUpper, Brandon Levey, contributed to a panel at MAGIC called Hot Technology: Taking The Fashion World Forward. Jaclyn Johnson, Co-Founder of ThereIsNoSubject.com moderated; while Adam Berke, President of AdRoll and Maya Grinberg, Social Media Manager of Wildfire Interactive, Inc. participated. The conversation centered around the current state of technology available to designers, trends in technology for fashion, and what the future holds. Brandon had a great time discussing the commerce ecosystem, and imagining all the possibilities that lie ahead with the ability to use and analyze data for better conversions.

We met a lot of great people at the show, and got to catch up with some of our existing customers, as well. When explaining Stitch to new people, we get a variety of awesome responses. My most favorite reaction goes like this: First, I explain what Stitch does and how we work with our integration partners. People just look at me with a furrowed brow. I wait a few seconds as the wheels turn, and then they squint their eyes a bit and say: "Are you serious?" I confirm that yes, I am serious. Then, their faces start to light up into a smile and their eyes get bigger and they say: "Oh my god!! I need this!" It is the best feeling in the world to offer such an awesome solution to independent makers and sellers. I love that Stitch empowers small business owners every day to grow their business and take some of the stress out of their lives. We had a blast catching up some of our customers like Love Nail Tree, Memento, Make it Good, and Nell & Mary while we were there. Thanks guys!


In our lounge space at POOL, we hosted a seriously awesome Totally 80's photobooth. We got really crafty in the office and made some ridiculously awesome props by hand! They came out great and were a big hit with our photobooth goers. We got awesome shots of our team + the SAIL team, and of POOL attendees and exhibitors. Check out our album on Facebook to glimpse all of the shenanigans!


Our friends from StartUp FASHION stopped by our lounge and interviewed Jake. He talks about why Stitch is an awesome solution for product based businesses and how the application helps manage inventory and orders across online and offline channels. You should watch the video! StartUp FASHION is a resource for independent fashion professionals, so naturally they want to spread the word about Stitch and how it can help! We were sporting some ridiculous (though eye-catching) outfits - short shorts and all. Thankfully, the videographer was feeling kindhearted and didn't document Jake's thighs. He was grateful.

All in all - POOL was amazing! We had a great time exhibiting with SAIL and meeting tons of business owners. Our photobooth was a hit, and we rocked the show. Did we see you there? Leave us a comment below!

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