Photos from Texas Style Council and CraftMakerCamp SXSW!

Wow, I had such a fun time in Austin! In case you missed the post detailing my full schedule of events, I traveled down there to attend a Texas Style Council meetup, rock it for Stitch at Tech Cocktail's StartupLife event (where we won Best in Show!), and I threw a 2-day conference-within-a-conference, SXSW's first CraftMakerCamp!

Going through all the photos from my trip I was reminded of how much FUN was had! Conferences are amazing, and I'm pretty sure the people who make up the blogging, crafting and creative business communities are the nicest around.

Here's some highlights below, but be sure to view the complete album of photos on Facebook, as there's plenty more. Tag and Like away!

[gallery link="file"]

Thanks again to all of the amazing speakers, panelists and contributors that helped make CraftMakerCamp a success. I was so happy to have every single one of you a part of it!

Additional thanks to our friends at Etsy and Austin Craft Riot for their support, as well as Ponoko, Cargoh and all our friends who helped us spread the word. Heck, even Mother Nature deserves a shout out in helping make CraftMakerCamp a success. Seriously, it was storming and cloudy for 3 days straight beforehand, and then Sunday morning, the clouds parted and wala! A mini-makercamp was born. (Given that our venue was outdoors, this was kind of a big deal. :)

Everything coming together like that can only mean one thing: Let's do it again next year, shall we? Hop through the photos on Facebook and then mark your calendar!

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