Online Retailers Can Make More Green with 'Bottle Green'

four-leaf-clover-826145-edited-879631-edited.jpgSpring is around the corner and St. Patrick’s Day is only two days away. As retail patterns evolve with the season, Stitch Labs decided to look into shopping trends associated with the color Green. We asked ourselves the question: what are the most luxurious and popular shades of Green during the spring season? We analyzed the price and color values across millions of online retail orders. Here is a broad overview of what the data means for your business.


Exotic shades of Green sold for the highest price per unit

Exotic color names are a great way to convey a sense luxury, and luxury goods are, by definition, the most expensive. Bottle Green came in at the top with an average price of $93.43 per unit sold. Malachite and Citron, the most extravagant among the shade names above, commanded the second and fourth most valuable positions.

Action Item: If you're appealing to a luxury audience, don’t be afraid to get creative with the color names. They are clearly associated with products which command a higher price.

green_by_ov.pngGeneric Green names were the most popular

Five times as many Green products were ordered compared to Mint, which came in second. This isn’t surprising as Green is naturally the most popular shade of Green among product listings.

Moreover, retailers across a host of industries have little to gain from labeling their Green products with variations of the color. For example, parents probably aren’t any more likely to buy Mint toys for their children versus the same toys in Green. And the average consumer shopping for a new external hard drive isn’t going to notice that it’s Olive.

Action Item: If you’re not trying to appeal to a luxury audience, don’t go overboard on the color names. If potential customers perceive yours to be a luxury product when that isn’t what they’re looking for, exotic color names may even work against you.


About the Data
Stitch Labs investigated nearly 2.4 million orders from more than 1,500 small to mid-size businesses. Only orders in USD for items with a color attribute were included. 131 different names for the color Green were included.


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