New Features - Weekly Digest Permissions and Emailing Customers

While we continue to work on major projects like our recent integration with SAIL and our current work on Stitch 2.0, we want to keep knocking out smaller feature updates that will help our customers be even more efficient. Today we're announcing two new features in Stitch that will help our customers be more effective with their communication to both internal people (business partners & employees) and their customers.

1. Weekly Digest Emails - Determine which of the people using Stitch will receive the weekly digest email.

2. Emailing Customers - Admin settings allow you to adjust where emails are sent.


Weekly Digest Email

A few months ago, we developed an automatic weekly digest email that is delivered to any Stitch user attached to an account. Now the owner of the Stitch account can determine if they want everyone in the organization to receive the email or just the owner of the account. See the images below for further instruction.

Emailing Customers

Prior to this update, Stitch users that sent orders, invoices and/or packing slips directly from Stitch would automatically get CC'd on the outgoing email. With this update, Stitch users can determine if they get CC'd, and also if they would like to send a BCC. See additional detail in the images below.

With feature updates like the aforementioned and the update from earlier this month, Stitchers can continue to make their Stitch account more personalized and gain more control of what the application is doing for them.

We will keep making Stitch even better on a regular basis; and we appreciate all the great ideas we get from Stitchers. No feedback goes unread and we have regular meetings to discuss what changes will have the most impact on our customers. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think. We're all ears.

Stitch on!

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