New Features Part 2 - Custom Product Descriptions, Components, and Added Efficiency When Building and Tracking Orders...

We have added many more ways to make navigating through Stitch much more efficient and easy and they will be discussed in this blog post. Also, we've heard your feedback to shorten all our invoices and packing slips to save paper and space and we've done that too.

Fully Customizable Product Descriptions

While many people love the way we auto-generate product descriptions combining the line name and options, some people expressed interest in being able to fully customize the name of their products. If you choose to add a custom description, that will be what is displayed on all orders, invoices, and packing slips including the pdf exports. If you do not enter a custom description, the auto-generated description will be used just as before. The image below shows what the product line items in an order look like without description customization:

In this image the first product's description is displayed automatically as the line name, Adult SF Dinosaur T Shirt, and the options are in parentheses, (Black, Medium). When editing a product, there are a couple new items. One of them is the product description as seen in the image below:

Add whatever description you like. Not only will this description now be displayed in every order in place of the auto-generated description it is also fully searchable on the Inventory page, Order page, and in the add products to order tool.


Sellable and Component Only Products

In addition to customizing the product description, you can also see in the new product edit view there is a drop down to select whether a product is sellable or if it's only a componenet of other products and not sellable. If you mark it as not sellable it will not show up on the add product order tool.

In order to fully manage your components you will need to manually increase and decrease their stock levels as you do production runs. In the future we will add a tool to do this automatically, but at this point it is manual. If you have any questions or requests about this please let us know by contacting us here.

Automatically Add New Contacts When Building Orders

Many people have explained that it is too difficult to add orders for new contacts when they do not already exist in their account. We just made this a whole lot easier! The image below shows our slightly modified add new order tool:


The tool functions the same as before but with one major improvement. If a contact does not already exist simply type it in and click Save. After you click Save, the contact will automatically be added to your account and you can view it in the Contact page.

Quickly Link From Orders To Contacts and Visa Versa

Another issue that was brought to our attention was that it took too long to go from an order, to a contact, and back to an order. This is something that is commonly done when editing/adding new information to a contact that you want to show up in an order. It is now extremely quick and efficient to do this!

What you'll notice in each order now is that the Contact name is a link. When you click the link it will take you directly to the Contact the order is for. Simply add any people and addresses you need to, or edit contacts that aleady exist and quickly link right back to the order without having to search or filter anything.


Recent Order Summary In Each Contact

The last improvement is displayed within each Contact in the Info section. If there are any orders for a particular Contact, there is a new area on the bottom of the tab labeled, "Recent Orders." This area will show you the top 5 most recent orders for the Contact, the order date, the order status, and the dollar amount of the order.

When viewing the recent orders, the Order ID is a link that will take you directly to the order you are interested in viewing. This is what makes it extremely easy and efficient to bounce between contacts and orders for quick editing and adding of information.

This concludes the summary of the features we added this past weekend. There will be more coming soon, but we hope you're excited about all the new updates! As always contact us anytime to let us know what other new features you would like to see in Stitch.

Click here to see part 1 of this post.

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