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As a retailer and business owner, you’re constantly battling how you spend your time each day. From inventory counts to marketing to employee management, you are never short of tasks to complete. Here at Stitch, with our 25-person powerhouse, we face some of the same challenges. This is why we love talking to our customers and getting a better understanding of how we can give you time back to do the things you want.

After several conversations with customers, we’ve uncovered a common theme that came as no surprise. You need an inventory platform that enables you to work not only smarter, but faster as well. And we’re here to say, “We’re on it!”

Without the launch of our latest platform, these types of enhancements wouldn’t be possible. For the past month, our engineering team has been working diligently to provide you with new features that will accelerate your business.. As we continue to improve our platform, we want to provide you with the maximum efficiency to run your business, and this is the central focus of our upcoming roadmap of product updates and improvements.

In fact, we’ve already added some need-for-speed features. Here are a few that we think you’ll love!


New Inventory Variant Table and In-Line Editing:
Click, click, click, click, click, click.

Rest that weary finger of yours, my friend. We’ve launched a new feature that cuts down on the clicks it takes to edit a product with in-line editing.

In-line editing is now live on the new Inventory Variant Table for “Stock” and “Avg. Unit Cost.” With this new feature, you can view your products at-a-glance and edit some of the most common elements right in the table. And this is just the start! In the future, we’ll add this functionality to other of the application as well.

A light dotted line underneath a value shows it is editable. If you hover over the editable value, a pencil will display.


Clicking on the editable value or pencil will allow you to edit the value. Simply make your change, hit enter to save the updated value, and voila!


This is just the first step we're taking to make editing information less complicated and less time consuming.


Customizable Column Selections
How many visible distractions do you experience in a day? Sometimes visual clutter can be overwhelming. Our new customizable column selections capability lets you to choose what you want to see. No more staring at product details you don’t want. Get information faster and see only the data you need by creating your own view.

On all the major tables, you can now use the "Columns" drop down menu in the upper right-hand corner to choose which columns are displayed. Make your selections and then click out of the list to save your changes. You can also resize columns by clicking the line between column headers and dragging to the width you desire. Your resize will be saved as soon as you let go of the mouse.


A Friendly Reminder: Any changes to the columns are saved to the account, not to the user so anyone using your account will see (and benefit from) your changes. If you’re hoping that each user can have a personal view, hope no more! We will be implementing that capability in a future update. For now, just be sure that you are aware any changes you make to the columns will affect how others see this section.


Better “Master of Stock” Visibility
Ever wonder which channel is the “Master of Stock” for a product? New color-coded markers within the Channel Listings page (under Integrations), lets you easily see who the “Master of Stock” is for each product. Instead of drilling down through each product, you can now view your products as a group to check if your “Master of Stock” options are set correctly. Time saved!

Color Key:
Red: Product is unlinked.
Blue: Stitch is the Master of Stock.
Grey: Stitch is not the Master of Stock.
Teal: Stitch is the Master of Stock, with limit.
Purple: Stitch is the Master of Stock, kept at 1.
Orange: Sales Channel is the Master of Stock. (This will have a down-arrow next to the channel stock instead of Stitch availability.)

Tip: Hovering over the arrow will pop up a descriptive tooltip.



PayPal is now international:
You can now e-invoice in multiple currencies! You asked and we made it happen. Where once, all your PayPal transactions calculated in US dollars, now we can support your global sales by appropriately charging in all the currencies that matter to you, saving you time calculation headaches.

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