National Stationery Show in NYC

Many of our customers design, print, and make cards & stationery products, so we thought we'd spread the word about the NationalStationery Show in NYC. This Sunday, May 20th, 2012 will kick off it's 66th year! This show draws over 11,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors. If you're attending, you can download the app for Android, Blackberry, or iPhone.

Below you'll find some of our paper printin', design sketchin' customers that will be at the National Stationery Show showing off their awesome designs.


Happy Cactus Designs

Speaking of talented customers, did you catch our latest Stitch Spotlight? We sat down with Nathaniel of 4Four Cards and had an awesome chat about how using Stitch has helped him stay organized, save time and sell more, both in his wholesale business and online (he loves our Etsy auto-relisting feature). Additionally, he shares some awesome tips for standing out, getting noticed & embracing community. Watch our fun video conversation »


Kelp Designs

Are you going to the National Stationery Show, too?
If so, let us know in the comments, or you can also click here to tweet @StitchLabs!

Fisk and Fern


We wish we could be there, but we're rootin' you all on from here at the Lab. Take photos for us, promise? Most importantly... Make Stitch Happen!

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