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At Stitch Labs, we are working diligently to make Stitch even better. We just did it again. Now when integrating your sales channels, you have more control then ever before regarding how Stitch will manage your inventory. Prior to this update, Stitch automatically took control of your inventory upon integration with a sales channel by default, and became the master of that inventory. This caused some confusion with regard to where a Stitcher was supposed to add and manage inventory on their sales channels. And while the inventory settings could be changed, it wasn't nearly as easy as it is now.

In order to manage inventory across multiple channels, Stitch needs to be the master of your inventory because it auto-syncs and controls inventory quantities in multiple online stores. But now, we give you more flexibility to decide upfront how you want Stitch to act. We have also made it easier to change your mind, should you choose to adjust inventory settings across many products or an entire channel at a time.

Starting today, when integrating with a sales channel, you have the option upfront to select Stitch as the master of your inventory or to have Stitch not sync your inventory. Going forward, any integration will be set to "not sync" inventory with Stitch, by default, when selecting the auto-build function. You will need to make the conscious decision to have Stitch be the master. What does "master" mean? See here. You can select the master option right away, should you choose, but be aware of what that option means.


Then, when you're ready to begin managing your inventory from Stitch and designate Stitch as your master control center, you can easily adjust your settings. You can edit settings for one product, multiple products or an entire sales channel. Below are shots about editing multiple products or an entire channel.

All accounts that signed up and integrated prior to 12/11/12, we left alone. In the majority of cases, unless the user changed their settings or manually linked their products, Stitch is the master of their sales channel inventory. Now, the settings can be changed for all those accounts with ease through the same process as shown above.

We're cranking out major feature updates before the holidays and have more great news to come. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think about this change. We love to hear your feedback and it was your feedback that drove this enhancement.

Stitch on!

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