Love for the Lab!

Hey, friends! We recently moved into a new office and plan to decorate our large, bare white walls with our customer's wonderful products. That's where you come in... we need your help!

The Lab needs your Love

Our office needs your artwork!
Don't worry, if your merchandise isn't usually hung from a wall, we have some ideas on how do this in a beautiful way. You know us. Design is extremely important and we want the wall to represent you well.

You can also email us high-res photos we can print & frame! Anything that helps us visually represent all of your amazing creativity.

Speaking of, we have already received some amazing contributions and are so excited to get them up! The nice people at HOLSTEE sent us this rad poster, and our friends Lauren Venell, Alisa at SIBLING Design, and Sara from Girls Can Tell sent us these fabulous goodies:

Love for the Lab!Check out our growing Love for the Lab album on Facebook,
and be sure to "Like" Stitch Labs if you haven't already. ;)

We would be honored to add your beautiful items to the mix!

Want to contribute to the 'Love for the Lab' project?

Thank you!! We'd love to see more of our customer's handmade and custom creations make it into our mailbox and onto the wall! Please send your contributions to:

Stitch Labs
1647 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

We will be documenting the whole process on one or all of our many social networks - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram - so we look forward to sharing the love back about your line when we do! <3

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