Let the "Tuesday Tips" Begin....Next Week.

As we continue to improve Stitch on a regular basis, we want to be sure we are letting all our partners know about the little tricks we've built into the application to help people be even more efficient. We always announce our major enhancements with blogs and newsletters, but the more detailed "smaller" features that don't get highlighted have been feeling a little left out lately. So, after a long talk over some latte art with our main man Juan (Super Designer at Cuban Council), we've decided to give the overshadowed features some weekly blog love with our new "Tuesday Tips" section. 

Now don't get too excited. This week's post is just a teaser. We're letting the little features fight it out for who goes first next week. They're in a heated battle and the contest will probably go down to the wire. We can hardly wait! Stay tuned for next week's winner. 

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