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On Thursday, November 3rd, we will be participating in a FREE meet-up hosted by our friends at Bazaar Bizarre SF. The goal of the meet-up is to have an open dialog about being more effective with limited resources, specifically time and money. Our expert panel is a seasoned group of professionals (and just all-around great people) in the small business space. They have unbelievable knowledge about applications that can help you be more efficient and grow your business.  

Our panelists include: 

Our very own Thinker Upper - Brandon Levey 


Brandon Levey is the founder of Stitch Labs where he oversees many aspects of the business, but his main focus is on coding and development. Stitch Labs in an online tool for small design and manufacturing businesses to manage contacts, products, sales, expenses, and files.

He started his career at Sandia National Laboratories where he worked on specialized micro-structures and later transitioned to systems analyses for the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. During his time at Sandia he started two different businesses. His first business, Naked Cotton, specialized is making fashion-forward sustainable clothing. His second business, Widget Factory (started after meeting his business partner on an airplane), manufactures the iBend and ecoSnap which have now been sold to over 60 countries worldwide through eCommerce, wholesale, and distribution channels.

During his experiences in the design and manufacturing world he realized that there are so many incredible designers, inventors, artists, and other creative-minded people but there were no tools out there specifically designed for them. Utilizing these experiences and his technical background he founded Stitch Labs which is designed to help these small businesses and aims to be the thread that holds the many different aspects of their businesses together.

Willo O'Brien - WilloToons 


Willo O’Brien has made a career out of creativity. Her illustrations and designs appear everywhere from the lovable Brizzly Twitter application bear mascot, to concert venue sites powered by Ticketfly, to the much loved rock squirrel adorning apparel in the product line she launched in 2007, WilloToons – where geek meets rock ‘n roll.

Her experience being a self-employed artist for almost a decade has made her passionate about empowering other creatives. Willo shares her expertise advising startups, coaching creative small business owners and speaking at events around the country.

Josh Zerkel - Custom Living Solutions


Joshua Zerkel is a Certified Professional Organizer® and the founder of Custom Living Solutions, the San Francisco Bay Area’s top-rated productivity and organizing consultancy. A former graphic, web, and interface designer, Josh now puts his creativity to work by helping home office workers, entrepreneurs, solo service professionals and small businesses find easy ways to get control of their paper, space, information, time, technology and workflow so they can reduce stress and boost their productivity – and their profits.  Josh has been featured on CBS News, ABC News, the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Organize Magazine, Online Organizing, and many others, and is a regular blogger for Franklin Covey and The Neat Company.

Justin Glaeser - Weave App 


Justin Glaeser is the lead designer of the Weave App developed by Intuit. He has extensive experience in web based computer applications and has spent and extensive amount of time discussing the the needs of the design focused community. Justin has a BS in Software Engineering from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo 

As we close 2011 in a fast and furious way, we all need to make sure we stay on top of the million tasks we have to do. We also need to have a true understanding of of where we stand with our business as we kick of a brand new year.

Join us for our FREE panel discussion with some pretty amazing people. We guarantee you'll walk away with some mind-blowing new knowledge....and we'll provide snacks! 

Click here to reserve your seat for the event. 


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