It's Time for the Stitch Labs Weekly Round-Up!

Again, pretty speachless. We are rocking and rolling so hard here in the Lab. This week has brought amazing new developments, getting cohesive as a team, and new t-shirts!

- Our Big News -

You probably heard us shouting from the rooftops. Just in case you missed it: Stitch now integrates with BigCommerce!

Meet Jared

Jared Fleitman is our new incredibly photogenic rockstar brainiac. He is a So-Cal dweller, but decided to spend the summer with us in San Francisco! Attending USC for Economics / Math and Mechanical Engineering, he will mine our data, analyze, and help us make wise decisions. Tweet at him, especially if you like hockey, eating, or want to talk tech!

Jared Stitch Shirt

We got Crafty with SF Etsy!

Jake, Willo, and Camille had an awesome night crafting away with some of our great SF Etsy (@sfetsy) pals. We made swapable art cards which was so fun! It was so nice to see Lisa (@tickleandsmash) & Katy (@katyatch), and meet our new friend Sarah (@birdbags). Thanks to the entire SF Etsy team for cutting up all those mags and putting together this great crafty community-building event!


Team Pride!

We got shirts for the whole office! Totally diggin' our new, branded, tri-blend apparel. We are looking good. Of course, we can't wear them everyday, but Robert has some pretty hilarious back ups.

Camille Stitch Shirt

I love it when you call me big data.

Sustainable & Delicious

Our marketing maven, Willo, is 90% vegan. She says:

"It’s not about rules, it’s about living. It’s about feeling alive."

We're always impressed with her super vibrant salads.

Willo's Salad

The Great Saltine Challange

Jake likes to see us get silly so he insisted that we have a Saltine Challenge. The rules are: you must eat 6 saltine crackers in 60 seconds (and not choke and not die). Guess what? We ALL finished our crackers. While none of us made it in the 60 second time limit, we were only a few seconds shy. Since Jake has done the challenge many a time (mostly back in college), he opted to be photographer/cleaner-upper. Peyton Manning ain't got nothin' on us!

Well, that's most of the big / fun stuff. Don't you worry, we'll have loads more for you again next week. Stitch On!

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