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Think of all the ways you invest in your business. You spend hours researching packaging, or finding the highest quality and most affordable supplies for your products. You may hire someone to do your logo, or ask a friend to help you at a weekend craft fair. You take note of boutiques you want your line in, or colleagues in your market that are doing it right.

As a business owner, you're putting your heart & soul into your business, and most likely that's translating into working almost every single waking moment. You love it. You want it to be the best. You want to take care of this baby so that it grows, and matures, and - most importantly - makes you a profit so that your business is actually a real, viable, sustainable source of income for you. This is what we want for you. We want to see you succeed!

Etsy sellers getting set up on Stitch
Occasionally the friction we see with Etsy sellers getting started with us is that they have to build product families in Stitch. Store owners that have hundreds of products on Etsy already, having already taken the time to upload their images and customize their titles and descriptions one-by-one, are hesitant to invest that time all over again getting set up on Stitch.

The thing is, as a business owner you're investing your time and energy into a lot of things, and what's important to evaluate on all of your decisions is the return on investment (ROI).

So what do you have to gain by investing a small amount of your precious time and energy getting set up on Stitch? Well, I thought you'd never ask. ;)

Before I go on, I want to be clear...

We have actually made it faster than any other inventory system to get your product families set up fast. And when you sign up (free trial!), we have videos that walk you through it for your specific type of business. I should also note that if you sell on Shopify, or any of the other shopping cart platforms we're integrating with soon, we automatically import the product families you've already set up on Shopify.

Etsy is just set up very different from most shopping cart platforms. Therefore, knowing you very likely have 5 listings with 5 different titles, and no related sub variants (like size and color), it simply wouldn't make sense for us to automatically pull all of that in. It's WAY better to set it up right, and then your data will actually make sense, helping you to be even more efficient and organized.

OK, now back to how Stitch will help you save time and sell more on Etsy.

Stitch is your new sales assistant
Not just any assistant either. Once you've set up Stitch, it automatically works for you. Sound too good to be true? Well, obviously you still need to have a hand in it... our magic little elves can only do so much. :) But the thing is, you wouldn't have it any other way, and quite frankly YOU are the magic that makes your business YOURS anyway, so it's pretty key you're involved. What I'm getting at here though is that once Stitch is set up, managing your business becomes ridiculously easy.

  • Orders and invoices are a breeze to create, and automatically link to that business contact, so you always have a trail at the click of a button, no matter where you are.
  • Your orders automatically come in, if you're selling on Etsy or Shopify (remember we have more to come). And if you're on Etsy, sold items will automatically re-list, which means you can continue making money while you're working on other things, or sleeping for that matter!
  • You can print beautiful, professional line sheets, saving you the time and hassle from having to resize, crop, or mess with any advanced image editing/layout program.
  • All of your business contacts are in one place, and can be tagged so that they're easy to find, filter & view by category. For example, you could tag Wholesale accounts different from eCommerce customers, or set up regions (i.e. West Coast boutiques or Atlanta Sales Reps); even set up a tag for all your Press contacts. (Related post: 5 Easy Ways to Collect, Sort and Stay in Contact with Your Customers)
  • You have a clear view into your inventory levels at all times, keeping an eye on inventory that may be running low and/or staying clear on who has what in your consignment accounts.
  • If you're selling in more than one channel (online, wholesale, craft/street fairs), by having all of your inventory and sales flowing through one system, Stitch is able to utilize ALL of that data, and provide you with hard facts (in the form of beautiful, easy-to-read reports) around what's selling the best, through what channel, and you can even drill down to the finest detail, like size and color.

Bottom line is it's worth the time investment to get Stitch up and running for your business. Don't even take our word for it, take a look at what some of our customers are saying in the Etsy forums:

We have the joy of hearing from customers every day that they're more organized, have more time to focus on creating new products, and that they're now able to make smarter decisions around their marketing efforts.

Sidenote: We recently created our very own Etsy Team and would love to have you join us there.

Interested in seeing how Stitch can help your business?
Sign up for a free trial and kick the tires. You won't be charged a thing unless you agree, along with all of our other happy customers, that it was worth every minute.

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