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You can like a tweet on Twitter, repin a Pinterest Pin and click on a Facebook post. But, did you know you can also turn all of these actions into revenue and sales for your retail business? In a recent Shopify Social Commerce Report, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest these three social channels drive almost 87.5% of the 37 million visits to Shopify stores from social media.

How do to you turn your social referral traffic into sales for your retail business? Here are three quick ways you can do this morning:

  • #DiscountCode: The easiest and quickest way to convert your visitors is to offer a social-only discount code. This can be anything from Free Shipping to 20% off a product. To track success, use a unique discount code and social media tracking tools, like Sprout Social and Hootsuite, to see if this causes a spike in mentions, online discussions that include your brand and of course, purchases. You could even extend the discount to three of their friends, increasing the chance of purchase. 
  • One-Stop Shopping: Making the social commerce experience as easy and seamless as possible is critical to increasing conversions. With the “Buy” button  now living directly on social sites, you can make that shopping experience smoother and customers don’t even need leave your social profiles.
    • Pinterest: With integrations with Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento, there’s no excuse not to set up Buyable Pins if you use one of these sites. The whole purchasing process is done within Pinterest. You control the experience, fulfillment, and customer service, Pinterest provides the audience. There aren’t any fees associated with this service, however it is limited to certain payment gateways, payments must be in USD, and shipments sent only to US addresses at the time.
    • Facebook: You have a bit more freedom on Facebook on how you offer the Buy button. Facebook is currently testing a Pinterest-like button, but there are other great options, such as publishing your entire store from places like Shopify as a tab on your profile.
    • Twitter: No, you’re not seeing double, but it is true, Twitter now has a Buy button in the a process very similar to Pinterest and offers some of the same integrations to make this process as simple as possible.

The CEO of PacSun commented on the Twitter Buy Button saying, “Our customers live on Twitter, so giving them an easy way to buy products that they discover in their Twitter feed, without leaving the app, is a no-brainer. Because social media is our single most important marketing tool today, social commerce is obviously a key part of our overarching strategy. Anything we can do to shorten the gap between social engagement and shopping is a top priority.”

  • Spread the Social Love: Know of some customers who love your products? Encourage them to share their favorite products via social media. This is a great way to leverage the network of your most loyal customers. If they love your products, they’ll have friends and colleagues who will too. This will drive the best type of traffic: the already engaged, interested, and ready-to-buy referred audiences. Optimize the social sharing incentive by implementing a real-time social media feed on your site, so shoppers will be reminded you’re active on social media and they will be, too.

Now that you have a few suggestions on how to make the most out of social commerce, let us know on social media how you’re using these tips to increase your retail businesses’ sales on Twitter at @StitchLabs. Happy Pinning!


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