How Do We Save Purse & Clutch 5-10 Hours a Week?


Stitch is more than just an inventory management solution for retailers. We help improve and scale the way they run their businesses. This results in time saved, more vacations, revenue growth, and more. Last month, we launched a revamped customer stories section of our site, and I’m excited to share a highlight of one of the customers featured: Purse & Clutch.

In this post, we’re chatting about a few of the Stitch features that Purse & Clutch uses most to give you a better idea on how they are able to save 5 - 10 hours a week. Enough time to start a new Netflix binge-watch series, take the kids to the arcade and a movie, or finally launch that new product line you’ve been talking about for months.

  1. Comprehensive drill-down reporting for sales analysis
    We just published a hyper-detailed blog about how to think about your bottom line through reporting and pricing. One of the main points included how you can use our drill-down reporting options (specifically the Product Drill-Down report) to work make the 80/20 business rule work for you.

  2. Centralized inventory platform to manage multichannel sales
    We could go on and on about why one central location to manage your inventory is crucial to your operations. Better yet? Find out how to grow your business with a centralized inventory platform in this three-step blog written by our co-founder Jake!

  3. Simple wholesale and retail inventory management
    Manage your wholesale orders and inventory alongside the rest of your business. No need to switch between systems, Stitch will bring all your wholesale contacts, orders and fulfillment together.

  4. Unified contact information for error-proof shipping
    As orders flow in from your integrated sales channels, new contacts will automatically be added. Those contacts will have their orders automatically associated with them, helping you keep all the history related to that contact in one spot!

    You can keep your contacts separated from one another by type—and by contact tag, for even more segmentation. Finally, with user permissions enabled, you have complete control over who on your team can see a particular contact.

If you want to learn more about Purse & Clutch, don’t miss their full feature!

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