How 3PLs Can Help Scale And Improve Your Customer Experience

 avoid-the-biggest-warehouse-mistakes.pngWith 86% of customers willing to pay up to 25% more to get a better customer experience, it’s in retailers’ best interest to make customer experience a priority. For eCommerce companies, a significant portion of your shopping experience occurs after your customers have made a purchase. How quickly, easily, and accurately your company can deliver orders and process returns has an immeasurable impact on a customer’s perception of your brand. However, implementing a fast and efficient fulfillment strategy is easier said than done.

Outsourcing your shipping and logistics to a third party logistics (3PL) provider  may seem intimidating, but finding a reliable partner to take this enormous task off your plate may just be what you need to provide the ideal customer experience.

Trust the Experts

While you’re spending time training employees and researching best practices on shipping, 3PLs have systems in place that are tried and trusted by all of the other companies they serve. Third party logistics providers build their entire business model around shipping and logistics. Not only have they put more thought into it than you have, but they have best-in-breed warehouse technologies, dedicated staff, and a full-time commitment to making sure their customers’ (your) products are shipped as quickly, carefully, and efficiently as possible. It’s their business on the line when shipping issues arise.

Create a Personalized Experience with 3PLs

Outsourcing doesn’t have to create a generic look and process, and most 3PLs will work with you to stay on-brand and authentic with your packaging and shipping. Darren Cockrel, chief information officer of the 3PL Coyote Logistics, says, “There are a lot of standard ways to integrate with [our] customers, but offering a customized and tailored solution makes a big difference in how our services integrated into a shipper’s overall supply chain. It also gives [our] customers visibility into our activities through their own systems.”  Customization and personalization are becoming the norm for many 3PLs, as technology provides more insight into their processes as well as the end customer’s satisfaction. One of Stitch’s 3PL partners, Shipwire, offers businesses the ability to brand with personalized inserts as well as customized labels and shipping confirmation emails. Additionally, Shipwire provides customers with options regarding shipping rates and delivery time windows.

Increase Efficiencies

Relying on the specialization, technology, and expertise of a 3PL can decrease your costs and increase your efficiencies as you scale your retail business. As your business grows, your order volume will increase and your  product lines will expand, which require more employees, more storage space, more warehouse supplies, and a lot more time. Outsourcing these aspects of your business to 3PLs can free up time from training staff, managing warehouse leases, and all of the logistics that come with ensuring your customers receive their orders in a timely manner.

In partnering with 3PLs, Stitch Labs provides a scalable solution for delivering products in a cost-effective way. When you integrate your 3PL with Stitch, whenever an order is placed from any branded eCommerce site or marketplace, this information goes straight through Stitch to your 3PL for seamless and transparent fulfillment and shipping. Nomad, a Stitch customer that integrates with DCL Logistics, says, “I love having Stitch connected to DCL because the systems talk to each other. Every time a new integration is added, it frees up a couple of hours per day for the team to work on other things.”

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