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The first day of Fall recently arrived and for most that means pulling out sweaters from the back of the closet and maybe giving a thought to what they might like to be for Halloween. For us small business makers, it means the holidays start now! Time to get it together people! I have found there really is no single method of madness to make sure that all your ducks are in a row when it comes to holiday sales. The market is just too unpredictable to know exactly how many of what you will sell between now and January. However, there are some ways to make great predictions when it comes to ordering supplies, applying to shows, and cranking out production. I'm going to contribute to the Holiday Success Guide from Stitch Labs with Tip #1 - Tools. Here's my first suggestion for getting through the holidays without breaking a sweat.

Tip #1 - Get to Know Your Tools

Before I even take a look at my numbers, I always allow some time for a quick review of the tools I use to organize my business. I find that right before the holidays is perfect time to asses where I'm at and helps inform the decisions I make for the holidays. It's also especially helpful to have completed this step come January when I start thinking about taxes. I use quite a few applications to keep things organized throughout the year. Right now I am devoted to Stitch, of course, and also Outright & Shoeboxed.

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Outright and Shoeboxed are pretty well automated, so right now I'm taking the time to get familiar with the Stitch Reports feature. I LOVE this! I have yet to discover all the endless ways to chrunch the numbers through Stitch Reports. If you haven't spent time with this feature yet, now is the perfect time! Whenever I have questions about Zelma Rose sales, I go straight to my Stitch drill down reports. They are kind of magical.

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You can choose from contact, order, product, and expense reports, and then get more detailed on the type of data you'd like displayed. There are tons of options - and each report is detailed, beautiful, and easy to read. What tools help you run your business? I'd love to know! Get familiar with the features and capabilities so that you're prepared for your best holiday season yet. Look for more tips next week!

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