Thursdays and Fridays Pick Up Sales Volume During the Holiday Season


The biggest shopping weekend is fast approaching. With a surge of sales increasing across all online channels and industries, it's going to be increasingly important for retailers to get their ducks in a row.

As you prepare their inventory, our data team has been researching various trends that show what small business retailers are seeing so far in the holiday season. (Hint: Stay tuned for our Black Friday weekend results going live next week!)

Today, we launched more insight, comparing week-over-week ecommerce trends, including some interesting insight in how sales-by-day is starting to shift. In this installment, you can find data on the following: 

  • Sales performance across retail industries such as apparel, accessories, sporting goods, and more 
  • What days shoppers spend the most money online
  • The revenue impact of free shipping 
  • How Amazon, eBay and Etsy sales stack up against a retailer's branded website and more! 
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