Holiday Prep: 5 Things You Can Do Today


It’s hard to believe we’re talking holiday to do’s in July. But if you were in business last year, you know how chaotic the day-to-day management can be. Between re-stocking inventory, providing timely customer service and staying on top of promotions, there leaves very little time to plan. To keep things afloat, here are five quick things you can do today to make the holidays a lot easier

1. Integrate your sales channels, accounting and shipping solutions.
Are you still managing separate channels alongside fulfillment and accounting? Yowza! Take the first step and get those set up correctly. Creating a streamlined operations process is the best thing you can do to keep your team aligned, customers happy and sales growing. If you’re interested in launching new channels on marketplaces before the season begins, be sure to implement a central inventory management solution that helps you keep everything together. 

2. Determine your marketing strategy.
When you think about what marketing channels you could leverage during the holidays, it’s hard to keep your head on straight. To make it easier, consider your audience first. Where do your customers shop? How are they finding your site? What is the behavior and what will satisfy their needs? If you haven’t already, setup Google Analytics and track what referral sites are driving the most traffic. If you don’t have time, simply ask your customers how they heard about you and explore advertising or content opportunities through those channels. 

3. Stock your best selling items.
The holiday season typically represents 40% of annual sales for retailers. With the surge of shoppers, you’ll want to make sure your top selling items are in full stock. Use Stitch’s product option drill-down report to see what product variants are selling best across channels and be sure to send a purchase order for additional stock to suppliers before the season hits. 

4. Get your social profiles ready.
45% of in-store consumers turn to social platforms on their mobile devices to influence their buying decisions. Make sure you have someone on-board, ready to manage your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Not only do these serve as profitable marketing channels, but often times, customers will reach out with requests and support needs. 

5. Explore drop shipping to increase inventory access.
If you’re not sure how much additional inventory to purchase for the holidays, drop shipping could be a suitable option. Drop shipping is the process of using a third-party supplier as the drop shipper for your products. This drop shipper will carry  the inventory and send it directly to your customers, which makes it a viable option if you run out of stock in your own warehouse.

What things are you doing today to get your business ready for the holidays? Share them with us on Twitter. Also, be sure to follow along all season on our blog for more tips and tricks to make this holiday a success!

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