Happy Boss's Day!

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Today is Boss's Day. For many of you running your own small business, doing everything yourself, that means that today is your day. Here at Stitch, we're offering one huge round of applause for you and all your hard work. We know you've been hustlin' to manage and grow your business and that you're gearing up for holiday season. Our hats are off to you and the entrepreneurial spirit you embody. We're constantly impressed by the products you create and the the way you manage your business. We're so happy that you've taken at least one step towards making your life easier by using Stitch.

I encourage you to take a minute out of your crazy, busy, hectic day. Right now. Take that minute right now. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Smile.

Think about all the hard work you've put in, and all of the amazingness you have created. Think about what you have accomplished. Think about what you're dreaming up next. We're behind you, and we support you 100%. Although running a business can be daunting and overwhelming, we're really proud of you. You are a total rockstar for everything you've accomplished so far and how fantastically you've grown your business. Thanks for expressing your creativity and following your passion.

Celebrate yourself - like a boss.

Haven't celebrated Boss's Day before? Get Wikipedia's take.

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You got this.


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