Four Shopify Designs To Watch


 Your opportunity to make a great first impression with your potential shoppers lies in your website design. Customers shop with their eyes first and their credit cards second. You need to draw in new customers with designs that capture your business in a way that engages them!

If you are looking for new inspiration for your Shopify store design, we scoured some of our favorites to come up with four that are great examples of strong design. We are here to tell you why and give you examples.

1. Little pops of color and convenience can go a long way. 
The Ghostly Store To stand out you need to be different, unique, and eye-catching. These three qualities don’t always mean bright colors and loud illustrations. What The Ghostly Store does really well is that they don’t just sell products, they sell a lifestyle.. At first glance, their site may seem simple and templated, but when you start to explore, you’ll discover several unique features. 

Their drop-downs have a contrasting pop of color, and are slightly transparent keeping with the ‘ghost’ idea.

*Each mouse-over on a product image whitewashes the image, highlighting each product you are hovering.

These experiences may seem small, but any time you have an opportunity to enchant and engage customers, take it! This store does a great job of incorporating small designs that keep you interested and wanting more.

2. Have fun with your design, add surprises, yet stay true to your message.

Tessemae’s All Natural: In a polar opposite example, Tessemae’s site is bold and in-your-face with its culture and products. It is also playful with its design and the animations that accompany.

The first great animation is in the first text block as your scroll down. As you continue scrolling you’re faced with a bottle of salad dressing that animates to different flavors. This is a great way to be playful with their visitors and encourage them to focus on the product as well as their value proposition.

Below the transitioning salad dressings, Tessamae has also included fun little cards that flip when you hover over them, revealing a message. Just as The Ghostly Store did, Tessamae implemented small interactive elements that showcase their brand and subtley engage the viewer.  

3. Get to the point with your site. Don’t make shoppers hunt for your products.

Greats: Never forget why shoppers are visiting your website: to shop. Great design is only as great as the purpose it serves. If you are unorganized, it can hinder sales. Consider what Greats, a men’s shoe company does. They have a separate page for each style of shoe indexed in the header. However, they also get right to the point on their homepage by linking to every single style and color shoe. This provides shoppers with immediate access to their product line without sifting through the navigation.

4. Don’t just template your store. Play around with what works best for your company.

DROP DEAD: Turn your typical horizontal navigation on its side. Literally. DROP DEAD turned the typical drop-downs into a sidebar, allowing them to feature larger photos of their products on their homepage and product pages. Another great design element is on their category pages. The name of the product and price are not the first thing you see. This gives an extra boost of time to sell customers on a product even before seeing a price.

Now, the point of these takeaways is not for you to take every l example and try to implement them into your design. It’s more for you to take a look at your site and explore opportunities for your current design. Is it straight from a template? Are products hard to find? Is it to black & white, or too bold for your company? Start with one of these question and the rest will fall into place.

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