Festival Time is Upon Us!

Me (Willo) selling at my very first event, back in 2007. Coincidentally, Jake was
at this same show last spring getting the word out about Stitch!

Here in San Francisco, we have so many fun craft and street fairs, trunk shows and indie marts, all teeming with inspiring, crafty, well-designed goods made by creative entrepreneurs just like you! When we were first getting Stitch off the ground last year, we went to a lot of them, and met many of our customers there.

This year, those same customers now have Stitch to help them manage sales at craft shows, festivals and street fairs! We've already heard first hand that this saves them so much time and helps keep them organized.

How to Use Stitch While Selling at a Live Event
Many shows have wifi these days, so you could always take your computer or access Stitch on an iPad*, but until we have our fully developed mobile app ready for you here's how we recommend using Stitch when you're selling remotely. *Note: we haven't optimized Stitch specifically for iPad yet, but it probably works better than on an iPhone.

First, create the craft fair/trunk show as a contact in Stitch (see tutorial). Then there are two options:

  • Create an order prior to going to the show of everything you are taking with you. This is great, because if you sell online with one of our integrated partners, the inventory you take with you to the show will no longer be available to sell online. This will keep you from overselling products you no longer have. Then, after the show, adjust that order based on what you bring home and you're all set.
  • Wait until the end of the show and create one order for all of your sales. This ensures you have everything you sold accounted for in one place. Some of our customers create two orders: 1 order for cash sales and 1 for credit sales.

Both of these processes can really help cut down on after-show work. Taking Stitch generated line sheets to the show to track sales can also help.

Hey, and this summer while you're setting up your booth, send us a photo on Twitter or Facebook! We'd love to see where you're at. Happy festival season and keep making Stitch happen!


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