Feature Update - Stitch Will Download Images From Shopping Carts

This is the final feature update for this week. We promise. Sorry for the bombardment of feature updates this week. We just love making Stitch even better, and you more efficient. We can't help it!

This update is about image importing. Stitch will now import images along with products from both Shopify and BigCommerce. Prior to this update, Stitch would only import product information. Now the image associated with the product will import into Stitch as well. Unfortunately we still don't import products and images from our Etsy channel due to the fact that their product structure doesn't support options/variants.

*Note: Any previously imported products that came into Stitch from your online channels won't import images. This feature is only for products built going forward. Also, you'll need to add any additional option/variant images via the file upload area should you want to associate a different option/variant to the product family in Stitch.

Once you've added more image options to your product family in Stitch, you can associate the images to the appropriate products in bulk. This will help you when you want to generate line sheets for buyers or potential buyers.

This is another feature update that will continue to help deepen our partner integrations and make life a little easier for our customers.

We hope everyone has a great 4th of July! Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what fun plans you have for the holiday.


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