Feature Update - Stitch Automatically Notifies Shopify and BigCommerce of Shipping Information.

Feature updates have been flying out of the lab this month like a Josh Hamilton home run ball (hint: If you've never seen his performance from 2008, take a few minutes to watch. It's amazing, even if you're not a sports fan).


Today is no different. We just launched a new feature that allows Stitch to notify end consumers via email for both Shopify and BigCommerce once shipping information is entered into Stitch. Prior to this update, if a Stitch user, using either Shopify or BigCommerce, entered their shipping information into Stitch (e.g. products purchased and FedEx tracking number), they would also have to copy and paste this information into Shopify or BigCommerce. Now, when that information is entered into Stitch, it will automatically notify the end consumer of what has been shipped and also provide the shipping information allowing end consumers to track their package(s).

There are a couple different nuances for the two shopping carts to note. Please read about your respective cart below.

If you've set up your Shopify account to automatically notify your customers via email when you've shipped their package, all you need to do is enable your Stitch account to trigger the email once you've marked an order as shipped in Stitch. Remember, you need to have enabled this feature in Shopify prior to Stitch, or the email will not be sent. Activating this feature in Stitch can be done in your integration settings.

Benefits - You only need to enter your shipping information in Stitch going forward. You no longer have to enter this information in two places.

Limitations - With Shopify, this is a one time event. If you are only able to partially ship an order and you go back and modify that order in Stitch later, the Shopify integration does not allow for updates. Hopefully this will be corrected in the future, but at this time modifications are not possible.

This is somewhat different than Shopify in that there is no additional work that needs to be done to activate the shipping notifications. It’s all done on through the shipping notification settings within the BigCommerce application. Once information is added to the shipping tabs in Stitch, Stitch will automatically communicate that information to BigCommerce and notify the end consumer of where the shipping process stands.

Benefits - Stitch will update BigCommerce continually throughout the fulfillment process. It can process full or partial shipments. It will add the shipments to BigCommerce and allow the Stitch user to modify and delete the shipments within Stitch. Those changes will all show up on BigCommerce automatically. Lastly, the order status in BigCommerce will match that of Stitch [(e.g. Awaiting Payment (not paid yet), Awaiting Fulfillment (not packed yet), Awaiting Shipment (packed but not shipped), Partially shipped, Shipped (All line items have been shipped, although there may be additional packages that do not contain line items.)]

Limitations - Carrier information will not transfer from Stitch to BigCommerce. Hopefully this will be resolved in the future.

We are very excited to continue to tighten our integration with our partners! Every change we make will make life just a little easier for our customers and give them the opportunity to focus a little less on the operations side of the business and a litte more on selling their wonderful products.

Please feel free to leave a comment below or let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Stitch on!

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