Feature Update! Shipped Order = Complete Order

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It's Feature Update Friday, y'all!

This one is a big one! Our customers were adamant about the need for this feature, and we heard you loud and clear! We totally understand the need for this update, and we got it out as fast as we possibly could.

In Stitch you are now able to specify a setting that allows a status of Shipped in Stitch to equal the status of Completed.

A lot of Stitch users manage their orders in ShipStation, and having to come back into Stitch to change this status was an extra step. Now, your total stock number can stay accurate without needing to manually complete orders, you can set them to auto-complete once the order has been marked as shipped.


To implement this setting, navigate to Integration > eCommerce Channels. Click setting next to the channel > edit. Next to Auto Complete, choose "Mark orders complete when shipped". This setting is channel specific, so you'll need to make the change for each channel you'd like it to apply to.

Shipped = Complete Feature Update

I'm totally over the moon about this feature update. It will save users a ton of time, and make their workflows even more efficient.

Are you excited? Leave us a comment, below :)


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