Feature Update - Contacts Now Merge in Stitch!

Who are the most important customers? That's right, repeat customers. We've gotten several requests to help the Stitch family be more effective when managing repeat customers that purchase from our integrated channels. It sounds simple, right? The truth is, having repeat buyers come into Stitch as a new customer each time they bought was a major pain for people. So, like LL Cool J, we knocked it out. We made a significant change this week by allowing repeat buyers' information to merge going forward.

Now, any time you get a repeat buyer from your online shopping cart (e.g. Etsy or Shopify), Stitch will recoginize it and aggregate their orders rather than creating an entirely new contact. This way you'll be able to easily manage order history for each customer, have a better understanding of their buying habits, and even make suggestions to them in email campaigns (we've got a ton of ideas about that last one - more to come in the future).

Please let us know your thoughts by adding a comment below. We're all ears. Until next time...Stitch on!


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